EUREKA Roadshow SPAIN*2019

Date & Time

Tuesday, 10 December, 2019, 9.00 – 14.30 h



Hotel Silken Puerta Madrid

Calle Juan Rizi, 5, 28027 Madrid, Spain

EUREKA Spain will be held in the majority in Spanish, but the discussions will be translated into English for the audience.

It would be impossible to imagine our lives without heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration - yet we tend to overlook the industry that is providing all these technologies.


What will the future look like for this industry? More importantly, what will future generations expect from it? And how can the industry respond? EPEE & EVIA – two major European associations representing the heating, cooling and ventilation industry – are behind the EUREKA initiative and committed to helping industry prepare for the future and best respond to the needs and expectations of future customers.


To assist in meeting this objective, we launched the "EUREKA roadshow" with the first installment in Italy in September 2017 and the second installment in Romania in December 2018. The roadshow concept takes our flagship EUREKA summit directly in the Member States to discuss the broad challenges the industry faces at national level, challenges that are specific to Europe's regional diversity and that may be unique to individual Member States. 


The third stop of the roadshow is SPAIN!


EUREKA Spain will be based on the EUREKA model and will give participants the opportunity to explore the challenges of the HVAC-R industry at national level, share their views on future building and cold 

chain technologies and actively exchange on the sector's state-of-play and opportunities in Spain. 

EUREKA Spain will be held in the majority in Spanish, but the discussions will be translated into English for the audience.  


Stay tuned for news about our next EUREKA event: EUREKA Roadshow SPAIN*2019 !

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