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About the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR)


The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) is the only independent intergovernmental science and technology based organization which promotes knowledge of refrigeration and associated technologies and applications on a global scale that improve quality of life in a cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner including: 

  • Food quality and safety from farm to consumer
  • Comfort in homes and commercial buildings
  • Health products and service
  • Low temperature technology and liquefied gas technology
  • Energy efficiency
  • Use of non-ozone depleting and low global warming refrigerants in a safe manner.

For more information on the IIR, visit www.iifiir.org

Covering all fields of refrigeration, the 25th International congress of Refrigeration (ICR 2019), will take place on August 24-30, 2019 in Montreal (Canada).

This key international meeting will be a unique opportunity for researchers and engineers from across the globe to meet, exchange and publish the results of their work. An event of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), the congress will be organised under the theme “Refrigeration for Human Health and Future Prosperity" and will focus on the current issues at the heart of international concern, including food security, health, energy saving and energy efficiency, the reduction of global warming and the protection of the ozone layer.


For more information about the congress, visit www.icr2019.org


The IIR is the only independent intergovernmental science and technology based organisation which promotes knowledge of all refrigeration technologies and applications.


For more information on the IIR, visit www.iifiir.org



Centro Studi Galileo (CSG) is the most renowned training centre in Italy and is considered one of the leading in Europe and around the world for training and information in the sectors of refrigeration, air onditioning and renewable energies.

Founded 45 years ago by the President Prof. Dr. Enrico Buoni in the historical and so-called “Capital of Refrigeration”, Casale Monferrato, CSG has been working with international realities for over four decades, developing top-level and prestigious partnerships with the largest organizations, associations and institutions, both European and throughout the continents. Around 3000 companies are participating in our activities that take place in over 15 locations throughout Italy and United Kingdom.



CSG is furthermore proud of the close collaboration with the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) from Paris, an intergovernmental body funded by 63 governments that accounts for more than 80% of the world's population. Furthermore, with the United Nations Environment and with the European Commission, which sheds light on the central role played by CSG in the decision-making process and addressing international sectoral policies.


Read more about us at www.centrogalileo.it




The real feather in the cap for the activity of education and information of Centro Studi Galileo is the European Conference, which has always been under the Auspices of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers and co-organized with the United Nations.

One of the most renowned conferences of the RACHP sector has now reached its 18th edition. Centro Studi Galileo’s European Conference, which is held biennially in cooperation with UN Environment (UNEP) and the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIF-IIR) headquartered in Paris, presents once more the leading contribution of the EU Commission, FAO and UNIDO and features the customary speeches and presidency by major Associations and experts worldwide; such as the American AHRI and ASHRAE and the European AREA, ASERCOM, EPEE and Eurovent. The Conference will also welcome contributions from the Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (JSRAE) and the Chinese Association of Refrigeration (CAR).

Three months from the entry into force of the Kigali Amendment and three months away from the starting date of the Conference, Centro Studi Galileo is proud and delighted to confirm the participation of major global experts in the fields of refrigeration and air conditioning.

This traditional symposium will be held in the prestigious venue of the Polytechnic University of Milan on 6-7 June 2019 and will be under the Auspices of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea Protection.


In this pivotal moment of change and adaptation of the RAC sector, the Conference will be an opportunity to engage in relevant, topical debate. The participants will deepen their knowledge of the latest technology available on the market thanks to demonstrations and scientific presentations by the Presidents of major Associations worldwide, together with industry representatives.


Read more about the conference.

La première édition des Cool & Comfort Conferences aura lieu les jeudi 7 et vendredi 8 novembre 2019 à Technopolis Malines.  Cool & Comfort Conferences est un congrès annuel qui fait le point du secteur HVAC & R. Cet événement remplace Cool & Comfort Happening et met l’accent sur le contenu et le réseautage.


Le jeudi, la priorité sera donnée à l’industrie, aux architectes et aux rapporteurs PEB. Le vendredi sera principalement réservé à l’installateur HVAC & R. Nous les inviterons personnellement à venir participer à cette journée riche en exposés passionnants. Les conférences ne seront pas commerciales ni liées de quelque manière que ce soit à l’un des sponsors. Elles seront données par des organisations comme OVED, Energik, Cool & Energy Consult, Ingenium, Nav et UBF/ACA.



Pour plus d’information www.coolandcomfort.be/conferences




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