Tim Vink

Director Regulatory Affairs, Honeywell


Tim G.A. Vink is currently Director Regulatory Affairs, Compliance and QA with Honeywell Fluorine Products Europe, Middle East & Africa and adviser to Honeywell's UOP Renewable Energy & Chemicals business. He holds leading positions in Industry Bodies such as the Global Fluorocarbon Producers’ Platform (GFPF), European Fluorocarbon Technical Committee (EFCTC), EPEE (European Partnership for Energy and the Environment) CLEPA (European Automotive Suppliers Federation) and CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council).  He also chairs the Fluorocarbon REACH Consortium Coordination Group and is a member of the PowerGen Europe advisory Board.

Mr. Vink was a lead author for the IPCC/TEAP Special Report on the relationship between the Montreal Protocol and Kyoto Protocol as it affects Fluorocarbons.  He is (co-) author of several articles related to chemicals.  In addition to this, Mr. Vink has been actively involved in the development and application of a wide body of EU legislation, including REACH, the European Climate Change Programme, Energy Policy, as well as Trade related issues.  A Dutch citizen, Mr. Vink holds a Master’s Degree in Quantitative Economics from the University of Nancy II (France) with honours.  He is also a graduate from the Centre Européen Universitaire de Nancy (France), the Nijenrode School of Business (The Netherlands) and the European Centre for Public Affairs at Templeton College, Oxford (UK).

Prior to joining Honeywell, Tim has worked in international business and as a consultant on European Affairs.





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