Marco Hofman

Project manager at ISSO, Dutch Building services knowledge centre


Marco Hofman was appointed Project Manager at ISSO, the Dutch buildings services knowledge centre, in 2007. His activities include the coordination and guidance of programs and projects, the management of projects on base of contract, budget and planning, as well as editorial activities on the Dutch Building code and other references such as ISSO-guidelines. 

Mr Hofman has expertise and working experience on National standards and quality assurance ventilation.

In 2009, he joined NEN ( and was appointed Chair of the NEN commission Ventilation and Air tightness of buildings in 2012.  Prior to this, from 2009 to 2012, Mr Hofman was member of the same NEN commission, (co)writing and editing Dutch standards (designated by Dutch Building Code) on the following topics:

• Energy performance of buildings - Determination method, Dutch standard NEN7120-2011/2012;

• Determining minimum airflows for energy performance calculations in buildings, Dutch standard NEN8088-1, 2011/2014;

• Ventilation of school buildings – Example solutions for schools, National practical guideline NPR 1090, 2010;

• Determining the capacity of natural and mechanical ventilation systems, Dutch design standard NEN1087, draft;


Since 2014, Mr Hofman is also Secretary of KvINL (, the national scheme owner for certification schemes and bodies in the Dutch HVAC-sector and is Member of the Dutch Technical committees (KBI TC) involved in the creation of Dutch guidelines for assuring installation quality on ventilation systems.




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