Georgios Patkos

President of the section "Science and technology ", UBF-ACA, Retired Former Director Technical Department Delhaize Belux – Delhaize Group


Georgios Patkos worked as Delhaize's Director of the Technical Department until the end of July 2015. In this role, he was in charge of all the new constructions projects, remodellings and maintenance of all the stores and warehouses in Belgium and Luxembourg. 

He was appointed Contract Manager at Delhaize in November 2005. His primary responsibility was to streamline all existing maintenance and service contracts in all EU banners. 

Before joining Delhaize Group, Mr Patkos worked for Johnson Controls, as a global market leader in automotive systems and in facility management and control as a Refrigeration Manager. In that position, he took care of the account management for, among others, Delhaize, Carrefour, Cora and Shell. Before that, he was CEO of Schatten for several years until the merge with Johnsons Controls in 2002. 

He studied refrigeration in Greece, where he was born, as well as at the Institut of Arts et Métiers in Brussels.





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